Welcome to UKfilmNet a ground breaking pilot project delivering industry expert let film and TV production skills.

If you have access to this resource then you are creating a learning revolution as part of a very small number of pupils. students and educators with access to the 500 master-classes spanning more than ten industry skills areas presented here.


Login using your own unique username and password provided by your tutor . Any technical issues you have must in the first instance be raised with the teacher or lecturer. Who can visit this resource to raise questions and seek answers on any issues you are encountering. Where are my courses? When you log in - you should see below the list of courses to which you have access. If you have logged in and cannot see any courses contact your instructor or tutor for advice.


This project is an entirely grass-roots volunteer supported resource that is in BETA. That means it is an experiment in understanding the best ways to get the very best industry expert knowledge and know-how to you - the next generation of moving image creatives. Being a BETA pilot project you may find issues, problems and gaps that are part of what all of us - as a learning community, we need to understand and improve - and in getting access to this resource you agree to play an active, constructive and professional part of this exciting opportunity.

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