field mixer

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field or location Mixer - A mixer that is used on site at the location of a film, tv or radio production that allows the location sound supervisor to both connect together and then mix the sound sources from different sources on a film or TV location, including presenters, actors and location sound sources.

The mixer is usually much smaller than mixers used in recording studios and will either be a table top mixer with 8-12 channel inputs (often mounted on a rack of sound equipment) or worn over the shoulder by the location sound supervisor.

Shoulder worn location mixers usually have fewer inputs - between 2 to 6 inputs)

In both cases the OUTPUT of the mixer - which can be 2,3,4 or more sound signals) is sent EITHER back into the main camera (which can often record 2,4 or 8 tracks of audio at the same time) or a portable sound recording device.