We want to help.

Believe it or not, this non-profit resource has been created for, and is run by teachers, lecturers and professionals like you. So when questions pop-up we really want to help.


We want to spend your time exploring new ideas, and new skills, not endlessly hunting for where they might be.

That's the idea. We try to make finding what you want as easy as possible. Click on USER LOGIN on the main menu at the top, in order to login into the resources.

Then click once for your industry sector, and once more to choose the topic within that sector.

Remember: If you experience problems with logging in, use the Password Reminder prompt under the login window, and if you have an account we'll sent it to you automatically.



If it's a simple question or issue - we'll try and solve it on the spot through the live chat, which will be managed wherever possible during office hours.

And if for any reason all the team members are already working flat out - or it is a more complex issue - then you might prefer to raise a ticket which goes straight into the system, and in front of the technical guys who are there to help.

You might find that the quickest way by far to get answers is to use the SEARCH tool in the support centre, or visit the UKfilmNet Staffroom forum and ask a question there.


For when a closer look is needed.
Or you don't have time to talk - then most of the time a support ticket is the best way to get an issue looked at.

We answer every query, and do so in the order they arrive. We endeavour to solve a problem within 24 hours, but for more difficult issues we may have to take 48 hours.

But nonetheless our Support Centre will ensure that if the problem is logged, it will be seen.


We're a surprisingly small project...
We may not look like it, but we really are a very small team of volunteers, so we're not quite as big as Amazon - but in the future we very much would like to talk to you by phone.

The ticket system allows us to hear problems, provide help, and make suggestions for how we can improve the experience for you.


To make things a little simpler and easier to find, we've created a dedicated gateway for all questions relating to using the site, to raise issues, make suggestions, give us feedback, and of course to talk to us about issues you might encounter..

Like we say we're a very small project - but in the future we very much would like to talk to you by phone. The ticket system allows us to hear problems, provide help, and make suggestions for how we can improve the experience for you.


UKfilmNet is a brand new project, and your experience of using the site matters greatly.

So whilst we endeavour to try to respond as quickly as possible to your questions,. we need your support and flexibility to help get you back on track.

If you're unable to reach us on Live Chat, do raise a ticket, as ALL issues and request will be responded to.


They say you cant keep all the people happy all the time. But we will certainly try.

But nonetheless please limit your use of the support system to those problems that just aren't going away!

Check the forums, ask fellow users in the UKfilmNet Staffroom to advice and - as the support centre grows you'll start to find answers to questions that many others have already asked.

We have to make sure all users get the help they need, and so we reserve the right to suspend support and help for those very small numbers of users over-use of this finite support resource.What is 'over-use"? We think that's down to common sense.

We appreciate your help


Do you see that "Chat to us/ Leave a Message" at the bottom of our screen? Great. That's probably not for you!

If your looking for help using the site. The chat system below is now people wanting to find out about the project and how to join.

Please keep in mind that if you ask a technical question on the chat at the bottom of the page you'll be asked to use the dedicated technical chat section in the Support Centre!

Absolutely no exceptions!