We have taken much advice and guidance from professionals in law and safeguarding as we take the safety and security of you and your learners seriously. 

We ensure that teachers or instructors can only access online or engage with the same classes they already teach "in real life". That means that adults are only able to communicte with the students they already have been DBS Enhanced checked to teach. What's a DBS check? Find out here

The way we ensure your safety is to check the identity of any adults using this resource who are claiming to be teachers or educators. We will check who they are, where they work and whether they have been checked for DBS Enhanced clearance for their work as teachers and educators. If we  can't be sure of all of that - we won't let them complete their sign up.

If you have any questions about safety issues or have concerns, do let us know immediately. 

You can find details of all of our policies on data and safeguarding here.