What we do.

We now live in a world where our news, our views and the most forceful messages are found in moving images.

We use a tech driven, scalable platform to transform and greatly widen access to the digital media literacy and production skills for 16-24s to turbo charge their digital literacy, their employability and their ability to campaign and communicate for causes important to them

We aim especially to help those amongst economically, socially and democratically marginalised communities that don't have or can't otherwise afford the access we can bring them through hundreds of world class industry expert masterclasses and collaboration forums co-created by our Oscar and BAFTA winning and nominated volunteer experts.

We propose an enormously scalable cloud-based community of collaborative vocational learning and ideas sharing not just for the learners but their trainers looking to develop and use new and innovative ways to access, engage and share best practice and current and relevant industry knowledge and standards using a highly social space of instant messaging, resources and expertise sharing during these rapidly changing times of education delivery and the 2020 Pandemic. We aim to pilot, and then empower active collaboration around learners and trainers common cause of greater opportunity and better outcomes for all - to bring meaningful and measurable change at local, regional and ultimately national level in the vital UK export industry of creative industries.


"The most effective social change for 16-20s takes place, when the most highly trained experts can share unique professional experience with the widest number of young people in the most engaging, dynamic and interactive ways possible to give them the skills to shout, campaign and punch above their weight in a crowded media landscape of competing agendas."

The Leadership Team |  UKfilmNet

UKfilmNet is a knowledge transfer from the very best practitioners and creatives, to those looking to understand, enrich and apply this knowledge in their own lives and work.


Using our expertise as teachers, educators, film-makers and digital storytellers we aim to develop the campaigning capacity and video and media communication skills of economically, socially and democratically disadvantaged or marginalised communities of 16-20s in the UK in such ways that they are better able to identify, campaign and influence decisions which affect them..

The digital domain - when coupled with hands-on learning - in all its forms is where this happens most effectively, and with greatest reach and impact.


Teachers, trainers or lecturers are enrolled at the same time as their learners, and social change campaigners. All of them get very scalable access to key skills, resources and know-how.

  •  Ideation & Messaging - How do I frame and plan my cause and my arguments?
  •  Digital (Moving image based) Story-telling and story design - How do I use participative video to collaborate o create a group's message around a single cause?
  •  Multi-media campaigning and persuasion - How do I tailor the messages for the many different platforms, audiences and digital media?
  •  Impact measurement - How do I track and measure who has seen, understood or acted on our campaign?