Any teacher, educator, lecturer or student can acess the materials, with a student, pupil or teacher/lecturer account.  For safeguarding reasons, students and learners can only get access to the resources via an application by their instructor/teacher or lecturer. At present this website does not make any charges for access, and so access to the resources cannot be unlimited, and we cannot guarantee access to every one wanting access.

So to ensure the resources are targeted fairly, and in order of need,  we do ask you - the teacher or educator -  to complete a short eligibility test, and if you provisionally qualify for access then for reasons of safeguarding we will perform a check of your employment status for proof of identity - which is done directly with your organation. ALL you need to do is complete the eligibility form and your details, and then await an email to allow you to complete your application, enrol your students and get working with hundreds of other educators!