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Almost all of the materials on this site are original, created and owned by UKfilmNet and which you wont find anywhere else.


As an entirely non-profit educational project which seeks always to recognise intellectual property rights holders - UKfilmNet understands that there is no automatic entitlement to use non-free content in an article or elsewhere on the UKfilmNet websites and resources.  Tutorials and other UKfilmNet resources may, in accordance with these guidelines listed below, use brief verbatim textual excerpts or small images from copyrighted media, properly attributed or cited to its original source or author, and specifically indicated as direct quotations via quotation marks,or a similar method.

In all cases UKfilmNet will always endeavour to produce and publish entirely UKfilmNet originated, created and owned materials where practicable, but where this is not possible due to the need for portrayal of non UKfilmNet intellectual properties, we will make all reasonable efforts to identify and seek permissions for educational use of any materials so portrayed.


Such non-free content—including all copyrighted images, audio and video clips, and other media files that lack a free content license—may be used by UKfilmNet only where all nine of the following criteria are met.

No free equivalent. Non-free content is used only where no free equivalent is available, or could be created, that would serve the same educational reference purpose.

Where possible, non-free content is transformed into free material instead of using a fair-use defense, or replaced with a freer alternative if one of acceptable quality is available.

"Acceptable quality" means a quality sufficient to serve the educational reference or for illustrative purposes .i.e."Can this non-free content be replaced by a free version that has the same effect?" and "Could the subject be adequately conveyed by properly sourced text without using the non-free content at all?" If the answer to either is yes, the non-free content probably does not meet this criterion.)

Commerical Competition. Non-free content is not used in a manner that is likely to replace the original market role of the original copyrighted media.

Minimal usage. Multiple items of non-free content are not used if one item can convey equivalent significant information.

Minimal extent of use. An entire work is not used if a portion will suffice. Low- rather than high-resolution/fidelity/bit rate is used (especially where the original could be used for deliberate copyright infringement).

Previous publication. Non-free content must have been published or publicly displayed outside UKfilmNet.

Content. Non-free content meets general UKfilmNet content standards and is of clear educational reference merit.

Media-specific policy. The material meets UKfilmNet's media-specific policy. For example, images must meet UKfilmNet Image use policy.

One-use maximum. Non-free content is used only once anywhere in these resources. Contextual significance. Non-free content is used only if its presence would significantly increase readers' understanding of the topic, and its omission would be detrimental to that understanding.

A copyright notice. A clear notice indicating the provision claimed for UKfilmNet use. Where Intellectual Property owners have given written notification and proof of ownership - which is incompatible with use by UKfilmNet, we will make all reasonable efforts to remove such materials within one month of notification.

For more information of our policy - or to raise a query over unfair usage (indicating the infringing work and its location) - please use the contact page in the main menu of this site, and choose the 'Copyright' option indicated.

UKfilmNet Privacy Policy UKfilmNet respects your privacy. Non-free content is used only once anywhere in these resources. Any personal information you provide to us through our contact form or any other form including and similar to your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will not be released, sold, or rented to any entities or individuals outside of UKfilmNet or our service delivery partners..

External Sites. UKfilmNet is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. You are advised to read the privacy policy of external sites before disclosing any personal information.

For more information of our policy - or to raise a query over unfair usage (indicating the infringing work and its location) - please use the contact page in the main menu of this site, and choose the 'Copyright' option indicated.


A "cookie" is a small data text file that is placed in your browser and allows UKfilmNet to recognize you each time you visit this site(customisation etc). Cookies themselves do not contain any personal information, and UKfilmNet does not use cookies to collect personal information.

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Remember The Risks Whenever You Use The Internet.

While we do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any information that you transmit to UKfilmNet and you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of any passwords or other account information.

In addition other Internet sites or services that may be accessible through UKfilmNet have separate data and privacy practices independent of us, and therefore we disclaim any responsibility or liability for their policies or actions. Please contact those vendors and others directly if you have any questions about their privacy policies. For any other information use the contact form to contact UKfilmNet