Empowering change for 16-20s

We create world-class learning experiences for learners and professionals, using industry leading experts and professional production values and technology.


"The most effective social change for 16-20s takes place, when the most highly trained experts can share unique professional experience with the widest number of young people in the most engaging, dynamic and interactive ways possible to give them the skills to shout, campaign and punch above their weight in a crowded media landscape of competing agendas."

The Leaderhip Team |  UKfilmNet

UKfilmNet is a knowledge transfer from the very best practitioners and creatives, to those looking to understand, enrich and apply this knowledge in their own lives and work.


Using our expertise as teachers, educators, film-makers and digital storytellers we aim to develop the campaigning capacity and video and media communication skills of economically, socially and democratically disadvantaged or marginalised communities of 16-20s in the UK in such ways that they are better able to identify, campaign and influence decisions which affect them..

The digital domain - when coupled with hands-on learning- in all its forms is where this happens most effectively and with greatest reach and impact.


Teachers, trainers or lecturers are enrolled at the same time as their learners, students or film makers.

  •  Teachers, trainers or lecturers are enrolled at the same time as their learners, students or film makers using our group enrollment form.
  •  Each enrolled group has access to all the courses as well as an additional course that can be used to guide learners or provide general information.
  •  The group leader is able to add to the information or materials for any topic in any course without risk of damaging the core materials.