We want to create as lively and vibrant community of creative learners as possible.  But we get NO central government funding, and are currently almost entirely funded out of the pockets of our small band of volunteers and with in-kind help from software companies, web companies and OEMs that help with equipment loans, webspace and lots of favours.

But we cannot continue like this forever. (It's a question of basic maths!)  We will need to ensure there is some means of paying to keep the lights on the content added to. So in time,  we'll be asking teachers and learners to make a contribution equivalent to about the cost of a couple of text books (teachers)  and the equivakent cost of a Big Mac meal - (students) - for a whole year's access.  

But in the meantime, if you would like to get involved and help share the workload why not consider volunteering to help? https://ukfilmnet.org/welcome/workwithus