The web is an inevitable part of the way we live, work and study.The same goes for the way in which we teach and learn. This resource is essentially what is known as a virtual learning environment. Or  VLE. What that means is it is essentially an online space where teachers and students can connect and collaborate and share ideas, resources and knowledge in a rich ecosystem of Video resources and much else.

Is it as simple as using a Whiteboard and marker pen? Almost certainly not. But then you can do a lot more with this remarkable learning resource. But we get it, we hate learning new ways of working too. So - we've tried very hard to make sure the resources feel like a very friendly, even rather cool, digital textbook that works on your laptop, your tab and your smartphone. But we haven't stopped there.

When you in enrol on the website (as a teacher who can then - and only then - enrol students) Your teacher will have access to a video a user guide that gives him or her a great introduction to some of the many things you can do on the website including setting student challenges, creating forum discussions, watching videos, and a lot more else besides.

And what's more the staffroom is shared by other educators like you  - so now - if you have a question about how to teach German Expressionism, or how to upload a film to the website, or how to enter text and images for students to debate - you can watch the video guides or ask a colleague.